Hypnotic Danger



Your flame flickers
With an intense,
Hypnotic glow.
It draws me,
Into your space.
I bathe in the
Eerie light
Of your radiant heart.



Like a moth,
Drawn irresistably
To the burning torch.
I dare to fly
Too close,
Heedless of
The imminent danger
To my yearning soul.



You mesmerize me.
Your luminescence
Fills my eyes
And blinds me
To reality.
I am enslaved
So deep within
The magic you exude.



My heart soars
On gossamer wings.
I flutter,
As we dance
Within the
Eternal fire.
My desire
With an intensity
So fierce,
I must
Surely ignite.



My love for you
Is ablaze...


forever more.


Liana Brittain