the crone...
I stand
before you
ageless and surreal.


Don't peer
too deeply
into the liquid pools
that are
my eyes,
for fear
of what
you'll see.


Don't step
into my
sacred space,
or you
may feel
the secrets
of my
deepest thoughts.


Don't listen
too intently
to my honeyed words,
they hide
the essence
of my haunting soul.
They beckon,
like a temptress,
from the depths
of somewhere
not defined
in Earthly terms.


the urge to
come too close...
I walk
another path...
one trodden
by the few
who dare
to journey
far from
all that's safe.


the hypnotic rhythm
that beats within
my heart.


It is
as ancient as
the mists of time.
It speaks
of the mysteries
within the illusions
created by
my shadow



I am the crone.


Liana Brittain

February 24, 2002