The Poet's Corner



to my poetry room.


Like the other areas of this site, many changes are taking place. This section will soon be expanding to showcase some new works in different genres.

They will include pantoums, haiku, and a prose poetry. All these are in the works and will gradually become available online. I am also working on several ebooks of my poetry. They will be available for sale in the store sometime this summer. I'll keep you posted!


Please return often.

As I write new works,

I'll place them here to share with you.


New Poems


Sweet Refrain


Soft Showers




The Quest


Frosted Glass


Long Afterwards




The Dragon


Soft Sighs




Twisted Coils




Budding Rose


Old Favourites


A Rhapsody


Autumn Enchantment




Hypnotic Danger


The Gift


Season's Greetings



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