The Fine Art Gallery


This is a place where you can come and browse. Please feel free to visit each painting and learn more about the subject and the artist.

The Fine Art Gallery has been divided into a series of rooms or halls, as I have named them. Each one contains paintings on a specific theme.


The Fantasy Hall contains whimsical creatures and characters sure to delight the young at heart.

The Celtic Hall is filled with images that reflect my Celtic ancestry. They are interpretations of mythic and legendary characters.

The Spiritual Hall holds images of a spiritual or etheric nature. Many of them are representational.

The Abstract Impressions Hall presents paintings that contain images and designs that are very abstract in both form and shape.

To enter the various halls, click on the images associated with the hall titles below.


The Writer's Library

The Photography Studio

New Gift Shop!!

Please take a moment to visit our new gift shop. We're offering a wide variety of unique items in several formats. Whether you are shopping for a gift, looking to treat yourself or make an investment in original artwork, there is something for everyone! In our store you will find a great selection of prints, prints on canvas, posters and elegant, hand-assembled, deluxe greeting cards.


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The Fantasy Hall

The Celtic Hall

The Spiritual Hall

The Abstract Hall